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Your computer, in most cases, is extremely personal - what better way to make it even more yours than with an assortment of really awesome free screensavers? With free screensavers the look of your computer, when idle, can reflect your personality or favorite images. And with over 6,000 screensavers to choose from, the list is virtually endless!

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Free screensavers are easy to download and easy to install on your computer. Once installed, your free screensaver will be ready to go to work when your computer is idle. For those who are on their computer daily and for extended hours at a time, our free screensavers make it easy, should you have to step away, to showcase your personality. Screensavers made their appearance into the computer world out of necessity. Older computer screens when left idle, had a nasty habit of burning the images onto the screen. But with today's technological advances rarely does this ever happen anymore. Even better is that now the screensaver, which could have easily become obsolete, has turned into more of a fashion statement for your computer!

Over 6,000 Free Screensavers To Choose From

You can find all sorts of free screensavers today that will allow you to change the way your computer looks quite frequently should you choose to do so. The wide selection of free screensavers available can let you change the look of your computer quickly & easily! One could find free screensavers that will make them laugh, make them reflect on a certain image, and some even select 3D screensavers to help them meditate; when you're working on your computer and you need a break you can set your free screensaver to appear on the idle computer screen after only a minute, or longer if you wish. There's nothing like a free screensaver to take you out of the work blues and away from a blinking cursor for a few minutes!

Top Rated Screensavers

Fish Aquarium

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Get a glimpse of undersea life in this thriving, realistic fish aquarium, filled with beautiful fish of every color

Silent Lagoon

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Brighten your day with the elegance of a distant waterfall and a medley of birds.

Deep Tan

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A reclining beach beauty shows off her glowing golden skin in this sexy shot


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